My experiences with, torrenting on the cloud


I have been living in dormitory for 4 years, and sometimes I needed something. Even it is legit file, it is forbidden to use torrents in Bilkent dormitory. Or you get slow down or even a suspension for a while. Then, earlier this year, I have found out, via a referral. It’s on the cloud. You upload your torrent file, or just paste the public URL and downloads it to your server. After that, you can download your file over regular HTTP, where it is not different than your regular web traffic. It is possible to limit these, however different than regular torrent, you do not have to upload the pieces in you. also uploads the files for you, it takes of seeding upto 1.00 ratio for public torrents, and 2.00 for private torrents. These are very useful, you do not consume more trafic than downloading your file. 

Besides the benefits, also has good downloading speeds. As it is in the cloud, it is probably closer to the each source than you can ever be in your home, so it downloads faster than you can do. Therefore, you do not have to keep your computer on more than you need. Also, if somebody has downloaded the torrent you have given recently, you can immedaitely access as puts them in cache. 

In terms of  downloading speed from, it differs. It can be very fast, or very slow. I recommend you to use a download manager. It can increase the download speed a lot. I have a little tool named axel on linux, which can download files upto dividing it to 256 parts. I  have seen 70 MB/sec (megabytes, meaning which is equiavlent to 0.56 gbit/sec). But, that is not alwayts the case. Usually around 10-20 parts, files can be downloaded at 5-6 MB/sec at my dormitory.

On the bad side, I have problems on resuming downloads that I have started before. They just simply do not start. This happens when filename is not detected, and you need to supply additional HTTP login parameters via your download manager. But sometimes it just gives a URL with token, these can be paused & downloaded without any problems as long as you do not change your password.

Last good feature is, if you have a torrent that consists of too many files, can zip them on the fly and deliver it to you. It is really useful. I really recommend it if you suffer from low downloading speeds, or behind a router that does not allow you to download torrents. 

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